For Small Hands

Dear CMS Families and Friends,

How can we support our child at home?  Is there a way we can bring some of the wonderful Montessori work into our home?  Often, families will ask Guides or myself these kinds of questions and we are thrilled to offer you a great way to do just that!  We’d like to share with you this catalog, created for parents, by a Montessori supplier our school uses regularly.  For Small Hands contains a wonderful collection of items that will foster your child’s independence and creativity at home, with the bonus of benefiting CMS at the same time!

Here’s how it works:

  • Place an order of $25 or more using the order form enclosed or online at
  • Give our school number (104018) with your order
  • Share with family and friends!  Anyone can order with our CMS number and benefit our school.

To help you know what items may benefit your child, we have included recommendations from our Guides.  They have also made Wish Lists online if you would like to purchase an item to donate to your child’s classroom.  Links to the Classroom Wish Lists are shared in this week’s Tuesday email.

  • Jeanette (Nido Guide) recommends – the classic shape sorting box (Y09), grasping toys like the Wiggling Worm (Y83) and Caterpillar (Y90) and instruments (M226) and (M02)
  • Krystin (Casita Guide) recommends – the easy to grip chopper (D104), switch extender (X129), music box (M20), Glockenspiel (M307) and finger drum (M316)
  • Norma (Casita Guide) recommends – the junior ramp racer (V95), bolt block (V92), watering can (SC605), drum (M177) and wooden Food Slicing Set (D301)
  • Cindy (Children’s House Guide) recommends – the flower press (SC310), build a bird feeder kit (SC850), fun with magnets (SC953), drawing kit (A164), Hoot Owl Hoot board game (Y712) and dominoes (Y386)
  • Hannah (Children’s House Guide) recommends – a mop (Q21) and bucket (W57) for spills at home, the melody harp instrument (M360) and the tool belt & accessories (V535)
  • Jody (Children’s House Guide) recommends – vegetable choppers (D325) or (D104), lunchskins reusable snack bags (D304/305/306), and the small crumb set (Q12)
  • Karen (Children’s House Guide) recommends – a small pitcher with lid (G274) and child-friendly glasses (D513), egg slicer (D311), whisk broom & dustpan (Q56), and crayon rocks for fun! (A275)
  • Veena (Lower Elementary Guide) recommends – the toolset for young builders (V602), garden tools (SC628), pocket microscope (SC952), bug book (SC249) and build your own kaleidoscope kit (SC279)
  • Gina (Upper Elementary Guide) recommends – the field compass tool (SC845), Spirograph set (A166), travel telescope (EM29), Qwirkle (Y480) and make your own butter! (D114)

I hope you all will take advantage of this opportunity to support your child at home and support CMS!


Stephanie Sayre

Executive Director