Adolescent Program Details


The CMS Adolescent program focuses on three primary areas – academic development, creative expression and real world experiences, which Montessori called “occupations”. Our focus on place-based learning engages students in subjects of humanities, sciences, and math by linking projects with student’s daily experiences. Students develop skills of self-expression through artistic enterprises but also through journaling and seminar participation.

  • Some of the unique features of our Montessori Adolescent program are:
    The inclusion of a STEM lab in the classroom – where students can engage with science concepts in practical real-world ways.
  • Weekly participation in localized community service projects – provides students with opportunities to give back, follow their interests and develop leadership skills.
  • Seminar discussion groups – give students skills and experience in expressing ideas and allow them to delve deeper into specific academic areas.

Students in the Montessori Adolescent Program embark on 2 “Odyssey” trips during the school year. Odyssey trips are student planned and reflect the interests & work of the community. Project-based short excursions are also a feature of the school day and are planned by students, with assistance and direction from the Adolescent Guide.