Spring Newsletter

After a long process of crossing all the “t”s and dotting all the “i”s, we are nearing the end of the permitting stage, which will allow our building partners to begin scheduling the large numbers of moving parts required for renovation and construction on our campus.  The one major shift that has come about during this phase of the project is the move away from a large-scale, year-long, and quite expensive new building to focus on renovating our existing spaces for classrooms.

Renovation is not as lengthy a project and our construction partners are confident that it can be completed over summer break.  We plan to make improvements to the existing Gym and classroom on the upper portion of campus, to create a 7th & 8th grade classroom as well as after school program space for Children’s House and Elementary students.  (Those of you currently on the waiting list for after school spots will be happy to hear about that!)  We also plan to renovate the existing Administration building for classroom use and will have a second Lower Elementary class in this building next school year.

The new Administration and Nido building will be a modular construction, custom built to match our space and style.  The CMS Board, just this month, approved the contract for this construction, which will also be completed over summer.  We are making plans currently for our CMS Summer Camp to take place in the courtyard buildings, away from the construction (but with a good view for our friends who enjoy construction machinery).

We expect a meeting with the Georgetown Planning Commission in the next few weeks and as we get specific schedules in place, we will be sure to continue to update all of you.  A shout out to our CMS Board members and those volunteers on our Building Committee for their diligence during this project and we are excited to see something happen on the ground very soon!