Ages 12 to 15 years

The whole life of the adolescent should be organized in such a way that will allow him or her, when the time comes, to make a triumphal entry into the life of society, not entering it debilitated, isolated or humiliated, but with head high, sure of himself or herself. Success in life depends on self-confidence born of a true knowledge of one’s capacities.”

Maria Montessori

The Montessori Adolescent program supports students through a challenging time in their development – as they move away from childhood and toward their adult self.  Academic development is combined with opportunities for real world experiences and creative self-expression, in an accepting community of peers that treat one another with respect.

The program focuses on three primary areas – academic development, creative expression and real world experiences, which Montessori called  “occupations”.  Our focus on place-based learning engages students in subjects of humanities, sciences, and math by linking projects with student’s daily experiences.  Students develop skills of self-expression through artistic enterprises but also through journaling and seminar participation.

Some of the unique features of our Montessori Adolescent program are:

  • The inclusion of a STEM lab in the classroom – where students can engage with science concepts in practical real-world ways.
  • Weekly participation in localized community service projects – provides students with opportunities to give back, follow their interests and develop leadership skills.
  • Seminar discussion groups – give students skills and experience in expressing ideas and allow them to delve deeper into specific academic areas.

Students in the Montessori Adolescent Program embark on 2 “Odyssey” trips during the school year.  Odyssey trips are student planned and reflect the interests & work of the community.  Project-based short excursions are also a feature of the school day and are planned by students, with assistance and direction from the Adolescent Guide.


The best way to learn about our Adolescent program is to see it in action.

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